The Construction sector: Paper to Technology

We all know that the initial traditional way of designing in the construction sector was using a huge paper and manual drawing. Throughout all these years, we have gone from paper to 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling and so on...

As fresh graduates and other young Singaporeans face a challenging job market amid the economic downturn, TODAY is running an eight-part weekly Where the Jobs Are series, shining a spotlight on sectors that may be overlooked but are offering interesting opportunities.

In the sixth instalment, we focus on the construction sector, which is looking to overhaul its image of menial jobs to one that is now being pushed to new heights by technology.

  • Construction has long been seen as a sector that is labour-intensive, demands long hours and pays poorly, employers say
  • This is untrue, argue some young professionals, who were drawn by technological advancements and the push towards sustainability
  • They say they are driven by the pleasure of seeing drawings, models come to life

Employers said technology in the sector has advanced markedly over the last decade, allowing firms to streamline their processes not just in the construction process but in managing manpower and detecting flaws and faults.

With the advancements of technology in the sector and the ever-quickening push for environmental sustainability, new roles have been created over the last five to 10 years.

With technology hastening the push towards environmental sustainability, construction firms have also benefited from digitalisation and Building information modelling was first used widely in Singapore’s construction industry only about a decade ago. It uses a 3D model-based process that helps engineers and architects glean better insights into their building designs. 

Technology will continue to evolve and help professionals to increase efficiency and productivity in their work and projects. Take your leap today!



Partly cited, TodayOnline