Stand out from your peers

Working hard no longer enough to get a promotion. Here’s how to stand out...


  • Continuous learning
  • Be the early adopter of the latest industry trends
  • Speak up and showcase your leadership talent

Key pointers:

  • The rising retirement age and the reduction in job levels within a corporation are making promotions less frequent.
  • Experts say having a strong mentor, self-advocating, and taking on roles outside your job’s direct responsibilities are all ways to stand out for future promotions.
  • Hard work alone is not.

Constant upgrading keeps you ahead of your peers and industry trends. Learning should never stop regardless where you are.

Bilanich said too many people believe hard work alone will open the doors.

“Everybody’s working hard. Everybody’s becoming an excellent performer. Working hard ... isn’t going to be enough because your competition is also working hard and making contributions,” Bilanich said. “To me, I think that hard work, and beyond hard work, the idea that your work has really produced some good, solid, measurable results for your company, is kind of like the price of admission.”


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