Singapore employers to ramp up hiring in the new year

"Job seekers can look forward to better hiring prospects in the new year, with a survey revealing one in five Singapore employers expects to increase recruitment."

If you are still having the thoughts of nothing is gonna improve because of the pandemic, you should start to rethink how YOU should make the change instead of just waiting for changes to happen.

The world revolve regardless what have happened, is happening and will be happening. Thus, ensuring that you are always equipped with the updated and correct skillset is the key!

In the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry, change is definitely a norm which can't be overlook. And it is also one of the rare industry that works carry even in difficult times like this.  

The only show stopper is yourself. If you are willing to take the leap, nothing can stop you! 

-Knowledge is your greatest asset that no one can take away from you-


-Cited/ read more, The Straits Times