Revit 2022 New Features for Structural Engineers

In the last blog post, we have shared the new features which are beneficial to Architects. Today, we would like to share the new features in Revit 2022 which are beneficial for Structural Engineers.

With the many new features launched in Revit 2022, these are some useful features identified by the BIM professionals in the industry.

  • Move Rebar in a Set: Revit 2022 allows users to Maintain system logic and avoid clashes in reinforcement Systems by controlling individual bars in selected rebar sets, paths area reinforcement systems or selected rebar sets which can be isolated by using the new edit bars command.
    Area Reinforcement Systems, Path Reinforcement Systems or Multiple Rebar Sets may now be edited universally at the same time.
  • Model Rebar using the Real Bar Diameter: Revit 2022 has finally included the ability to use the actual bar diameter sizes for rebar modelling which should significantly improve design integrity by avoiding clashes, particularly in concrete elements with a lot of larger diameter bars.
  • Select Shape Code for Custom Bent Free Form Rebar: Free form rebar can now have a different shape assigned to us that will not automatically match standard rebar shapes. The alternative of shape can be applied in the rebar Instance properties.
  • Faster and Precise Rebar Placement by Two Points: Revit 2022 Structure users can now generate rebar placement by using two point placement or bounding box method, meaning faster and precise rebar placement can be controlled via the rectangular shape draw tools.
  • Remember Settings when Placing Rebar: Revit 2022 now remembers rebar placement settings for the duration of the Revit session. Each time a rebar is placed the previous settings are remembered and maintained for the Revit session; the Rebar Shape and Type, Placement Plane and Orientation and the Layout. Unfortunately Revit does not remember the placement settings between sessions so on a program restart users will be back to the default rebar placement options.
  • Rebar Visualization Performance Improvement in 2D Views: 2D visualisation performance has been significantly improved for rebar particularly when zooming of, panning or opening views showing the rebar sets in a medium or fine level of detail.
  • Associate Connections with Profile Sizes: Revit 2022 allows structural users to define rules which will associate Steel connection types to their structural input elements based on certain criteria such as Member End Forces, Steel Grade and Steel Profile Reporting Properties. The incorporation of typical standards which define rules can automate connection placement using the Dynamo player alongside the provided enhanced sample scripts.


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