New Listing: BIM Collaborate Pro Training

NEW LISTING: Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Training

BIM Collaborate is cloud-based design collaboration and coordination software that connects AEC teams, helping you execute on design intent and deliver high-quality constructible models on a single platform. - Cited, Autodesk.

BIM Collaborate Pro (formerly BIM 360 Design), will allow the project team members’ productivity to be improved, reduces rework, and accelerates project delivery through real-time Revit cloud worksharing and collaboration. It is a powerful tool which manage your models, documents and tasks better by connecting your teams, data, and workflows.

BIM Collaborate Pro features:

  • Multidiscipline design collaboration
  • Robust access controls
  • Democratized access to design data
  • Advanced change analytics
  • Overarching project timeline
  • Round-trip Revit and Navisworks issues
  • Sandboxed coordination spaces
  • Valuable project insights
  • Connection to construction
  • Revit Cloud Worksharing
  • Collaboration for Civil 3D
  • Collaboration for Plant 3D

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